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The first time I walked into Fehrfeld, a bar & restaurant in Bremen, Germany, I was struck by one thing, the floor.

Made up of thousands of cork discs, set into a floor which cascades through the building it lends the atmosphere an artisan quality from another time.

It was clear that this floor and it’s beauty were going to be at the heart of this project, the owner and manager Christoph Lottes wanted me to create a menu design which captured a sense of modern-craftsmanship, I quickly drew his attention downwards to the flooring, remarking that it was like a well-made pair of leather shoes, in that with more use, it becomes more beautiful and full of character.

This concept of a product becoming more beautiful with more use over time was utilised in the menu design, a built-in degradability without diminishing the usability or quality of the menu itself. We achieved this by protecting the pages of the menu with a plastic transparent cover which itself has a laser-printed motif, which as-intended shows some scars of general use, with scuffs and scratches adding to the aesthetic, just like the floor.

The menu itself is fastened to a cork board, and has a retro, utilitarian style, with slightly ‘scribbled’ lines giving the menu a ‘hand-printed’ finish and monochrome illustrations which punctuate the menu’s structure.

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